Walfried‘s struggle for justice. Let us fight for Walfried’s corner!

Most of the time my childhood has been very pleasant. However this kind of ‘good fortune’ does not apply to all of us. I have put the word ‘good fortune’ in quotation marks, as happiness should not depend on being favored by fortune. Every single child in the world should have equality of opportunity and if this is denied it is man-made.

Devastated childhood

Walfried Janka never had a chance. It has been the Styrian Youth Welfare Office which forced Walfried, today 50 years old, to live as a youngster with a foster mother, which has been known as cold-blooded child murderer. Walfried has been tortured, raped and abused over many years. Instead of being, feeling secure and being loved his foster mother only treated him with contempt. Continuously being knocked down and harassed he now takes his courage in both hands and talks about that terrible time.

(c) Walfried Janka

Everyone turned a blind eye on him or refused to help him in any way. Nobody cared even if his injuries had been documented within the hospital. Later he was sent to the mental asylum, where he has been abused and tortured again.

Walfried never experienced Christmas, never had any birthday party, nor any toy to play with, nor emotional security. He lacked of all that things which were just normal to my brother, my friends and me. For a very long period of time, he even did not know how old he was. Walfried was hindered from getting any education too. He was said to suffer from a mental deficiency and was meant to be sick until the age of sixteen. After some time he was placed with new foster-parents, who finally treated him decent. However, his life has been destroyed. How should someone find his ropes again if he experienced so much pain throughout his early childhood? How should he ever trust in anybody again?

How to carry on?

Although Walfried was trying to make great efforts to recover his lost time with the help of the new beloved foster-parents, he never really succeeded in doing so. At the age of 19 he was charged with murder and was sent to prison for 16 years. At some point, he began to make his entire story public.

Right at this point, I want to entrust his unbelievable, well written story “Schuld und Sühne” (written by Anja Melzer and published within the magazine News) to you. This has been the very first time I heard how much pain he suffered and I was totally shocked by the cruelty I got to know. Thus, this story has been covered by the media, such as ORF, DerStandard, Kurier and many more. I admire Walfried’s courage to tell everyone what had happened to him, which I would’t be able to do that easily. All this must have been very hard for him to cope with.

Lodge a claim as a chance

At some time, I got to know Walfried on Twitter, writing to each other back and forth and realized that he was preparing to sue the county of Styria. He told me that he did not at any chance want to accept the cheap apology he had received. That makes sense to me and everyone else I told Walfried’s story understood and was as shocked as I had been when I heard the first time his cruel story. Even huge amounts of money will not be able to fully compensate what he had experienced in his early youth. This is his last chance to fight for his right.

Kickstarter Campaign

Walfried started together with others a kickstarter campaign to achieve 20.000 Euros (around 23.000 USD) to be able to bring in a charge against the responsible institutions. As in many other countries in the world, one needs a lot of money for medical tests and so on in order to bring in a charge and fight his case successfully.

A few comments of our donators:

“I donated money in order to help someone fighting for his rights.” (Julya Rabinowich)

“I tried to support Walfried, as I wanted Twitter to have a real impact on real life. Sometimes it does not suffice to write a lot, sometimes it is necessary to take matters in hands oneself.” (Robert Glattau)

“I donated to show that it is nearly impossible to win ones case without having a lot of money and support from others. It is important that we show that we care about others, especially in this case.” (Roland Giersig)

Let us show to Walfried that we will not turn a blind eye on him!

Meanwhile, the kickstarter campaign has already raised half of the needed money. Thus, we want to thank everyone who helped, but we still have to achieve our goal. There is not much time left. He has to bring in his charge until the end of 2018.

That’s the reason why I am now really asking for your help: Let’s fight together for Walfried’s rights. He has suffered so much from sinister past. Show him that we will not turn a blind eye on him like everyone else did so far.

For further information and other links, please click here:

Kickstarter campaign


If you do not have a credit card, you could donate using online transfer as well:
IBAN (International Bank Account Number): AT11 1420 0200 1247 5978


Many thanks for the translation, Peter, René and the third guy!
Hier geht’s zur deutschsprachigen Orignalversion –> http://stadtlebenwien.at/walfried-kaempft-fuer-gerechtigkeit/


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